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Monday, March 24, 2014

For My Future Agent (Are You There?)

Yes, I hope there is an agent in my future. Why? For many reasons, but mainly because agents open doors, because I wouldn't mind having someone guiding me, and because I don’t enjoy dealing with the submission process and all the legal stuff. So, I’m writing this open letter to my future agent. May I dream I’ll find one?

Dear Future Agent,

My website will tell you almost everything you want to know (and some things you might not want to know) about me. So, this letter is merely to talk a little bit more about Ana Crespo, the writer and the person, and about what I hope our relationship will be like.

I like to write about anything that inspires me. Therefore, an agent who is interest only in multicultural stories is not a good match. I’m looking for an agent who wants to work with a diverse writer. By that, I mean a writer with a diverse style and diverse topics. Yes, I plan to continue writing stories about Brazil, but that is not all I want to do.

Usually, my manuscripts rely on illustrations to add meaning and information. “Does that mean what you write makes no sense?” No, it doesn’t. However, I see text and illustration as partners.   Sometimes, I play with their relationship. So, for example, the narrator may be talking about what the boy is imagining, but the illustration is showing the reader what is really happening, or vice-versa. 

However, I’m not an illustrator, so I use illustration notes. “Oh, so you're one of those that know exactly what the book must look like?” Yes, when I write a story, I have a pretty good idea of what I'd like it to look like if I could illustrate it. Yet, I know I can't. I understand the illustrator is a professional who may have a completely different view of the best way to approach the story and I have no problems with it.  After all, once the illustrator agrees to the job, the story is partly his or hers as well.

I hope my agent and I will be a little bit like text and illustration – great partners. I’m looking for someone who believes in my talent, is honest with me, and can guide me as I work to become an established author.  I'm also looking for someone who keeps an open mind and treasures new points of view.  And, obviously, I’m looking for someone with good contacts, a positive attitude, and a lot of enthusiasm.

Are you there, somewhere?


Ana Crespo

PS:  I have a book deal!  (How I Got a Book Deal parts 1 and 2)
And as of May 2015, I have four more!  (Sold!)

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