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Monday, March 25, 2013

Quinquim e o dragão: diferentes e amigos,
by Pedro, Felipe, and João Senna

Quinquim e o dragão: diferentes e amigos tells the story of a little Viking boy who finds the egg of a very dangerous dragon. When the egg hatches, the boy discovers the dragon is not dangerous and they become best friends. The boy's grandpa and little sister find out about the animal and help the boy hide it.  But, when grandpa’s Viking boat suffers an attack and the dragon saves him, people have a hard time figuring out if the dragon is the hero or the criminal.

I worked on the very initial stages of the book, revising, suggesting new characters, and going as far as suggesting page break up and illustrations.  Once it was completed, I helped with a final revision.  And my name is on it!   Okay, it's not my book or anything, and my name certainly is not on the first page – you need to look for it in the credits - but I feel great!  The book is in Portuguese and is published by Outras Letras Editora, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

A mix of a picture book and a chapter book, the story appeals to a great number of kids. From the little ones, who will have the book read to them, to the ones learning how to read, who will be excited about each chapter read, to the older ones who will enjoy finishing a 'chapter book' in just one night.

In addition, the illustrations by Giorgia Massetani are just gorgeous and help tell the story, adding details to each scene. Everything was put together by Marcia Mattos, who did a great job with the book’s graphic project, and edited and coordinated by editor Lucia Koury, from Outras Letras Editora.

While the story is very fun and sure to excite kids, and everything was carefully and beautifully done, the coolest thing about the book is that it was written by three boys, ranging from 6 to 11 years old, and organized by their mom, Renata Mattos.  The story was created during the many years they sat together as a family just to write stories.